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What a timely article!!!

Why does this woman look so PROUD of her big heap of dead trees? Is it because she piled it up to the height of her neighbors roof in the background?

Is it because she worked hard one day out of the last 5 years to cut all of her trees down? This seems to be a lot of people's idea of how to put the giant, tangled limbs, branches and full trunks to the curb.

NO WONDER the City's boom Truck is Broken, if this is any indication.

HEY, another thing, these workers are not to be called lazy. I resent that and I do NOT know ONE of them. I ALWAYS see these City Workers Busting their A$$es on huge heaps of tangled messes, and just shake my head in utter disbelief at how thoughtless people can be at times, Not All the time....

I remember a time when people trimmed a tree or two, a few shrubs and tied it together with a string, with regard for the hard-working men. NOT anymore, as everyone laments, "I PAY TAXES".
Well, yes you do, but have you forgotten to use your God given common sense and human regard?

Just imagine how intense it would be IF EVERYONE DID THIS!

I rode through the neighborhood south of Long Leaf just yesterday on my way to the Haliburton City Park.
WWAY, your timing is incredible, Pine Valley truthfully looked like Beiruit, or the way that the City and County appear when a massive cleanup effort takes place due to natural disasters like recent Hurricanes.

WHAT A MESS!!!....I just rode through being thankful that I didn't have to clean up what CLEARLY should have been
removed by Davy Tree or one of the companies who cut and REMOVE trees.

Again, It is absolutely NO WONDER the City's Boom Truck is broken.

But, don't be FRUSTRATED as the headline reads, for Heaven's Sake, don't worry, YOUR Taxes will pay for it! And for THAT ~ You can BE PROUD!!!


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