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Lewis/Soles/Jolly Defenders

So it has begun that the defenders of the status quo have started making their snarky comments here in this forum. After Sellerstown terrorism, after ColCor and the multiple indictments/convictions, after the cover up of the Davina Jones murder, after a convicted ex-gov/DA from the area.
Yeah, like they have a leg to stand on. Now their actions are slowly being exposed bit by bit. And the Ola/Jolly fiasco could easily have been rectified with a mature response. Apologize for the false allegations and realize that Traffic Court actually works and their issue pretty much goes away. But they've become so accustomed to bullying that they can't help themselves. Their MO has been to isolate and attack. When challenged the machine threatens (and yes they're threatening Charlie Miller now and others in Columbus County now) but it isn't going away!
What they have never faced is a true public outcry, that's happening now. The media clearly understands what is happening and so do the citizens who finally know they can come forward. The snakes defending this way of life are dinosaurs whose way of business predates citizen ability to communicate, organize and protest.
Those who lived in fear are now emboldened and the status quo isn't smart enough to see what's happening. Jolly and Lewis could make it go away, but they lack the ability to do so instead choosing to attack folks who disagree. They learned from the Soles machine and the judge's way in Columbus' way of protecting the worst of the worst in RC Soles.
Exposure will make them extinct, shamed or indicted! There's more on the wway!


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