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Thanks to all who replied

However, I have to admit that I'm disappointed in most of the replies. The basic theme is, "Society has gone to hell in the past forty-five years and we have no choice but to accept it and adapt."

When did we become so unwilling to set standards of behavior and demand that they be met?

When did we become so impotent and bureaucratic that a teacher couldn't go to the restroom without having a permanent monitor on duty?

When did we ever adopt the insane notion that every single student positively MUST succeed and pass? When did we stop understanding that some children are intellectually capable of being brain surgeons and some are intellectually incapable of being more than a janitor?

You can't repeal the law of survival of the fittest. This idea that we must take extraordinary efforts to reach the proverbial "ten-percent" is bankrupting our educational systems.

Most of the replies simply reinforce what I have recommended for years: I don't care if you have to eat PB&J for lunch five times a week, get your children OUT of government schools.


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