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You and I are very close in age

I attended school in New York City and you can take it to the bank that we had 40-50 kids in elementary school classes.

Your post simply reinforces what others have said and I take issue with - parents don't bother to teach their children rudimentary reading and writing or stimulate their cognitive skills prior to kindergarten, so the taxpayers have to make up for their neglect. We need taxpayer funded Pre-K to cover for lazy, stupid parents? Perhaps we need to explore licensing parents, mandatory sterilization, and revisit the issue of taxpayer funded abortions upon demand.

It's simply another example of the government playing Santa Claus, using the money of productive citizens to carry the worthless and try to do something, anything, to try to salvage kids that are already behind the eight-ball.

When do we start holding people responsible for their own lives? When do we say, "Your son is still in the first grade at age nine because YOU did nothing to prepare him for school?" When do we start letting people fall on their swords and stop trying to compensate for their ineptitude?

We're facing financial collapse because we keep propping up twenty percent of the population who shouldn't be breeding! Perhaps the best "War on Poverty" would be to provide direct cash payments in return for NOT producing mouths they can't feed.

I have no desire to see you, as an individual, lose your job. It would give me great satisfaction however, if you, as a Pre-K teacher, became unemployed when we finally dumped Smart Start, More at Four, and all the other cute, catchy buzzwords that indicate I'm paying to make up for worthless bums creating the next generation of worthless bums.

Let them sink or swim on their own....


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