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You're a smart guy with some

You're a smart guy with some good ideas. Here's the dilema... how do we get through to both politicians And citizens that the real problem in this country is overpopulation and unwated pregnancies? How do we go about telling people they MUST stop having children without being seen as communists trying to control what people do with their own bodies?

90% of all socities problems stem from just two things. Unwanted pregnancies and child abuse, primarily sexual abuse. You reduce those two issues and the majority of all thefts, of all drug abuse, of all violent crime, of all financial problems such as welfare and other government entitlements, and a hundred other smaller issues would be DRASTICALLY reduced in this country. So how do you do it, without being seen as communist China? How can we get the people to realize that the real problem In this country comes down to one thing, TOO MANY PEOPLE!


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