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You will never accomplish that

Democrats rely upon the underclass for votes. The more poverty stricken people they can coddle means the more votes they can get. Since many of the underclass have lost their voting rights or are too stoned/drunk to get to the polls on election day, it takes five coddled deadbeats to gain one more vote

Republicans face a double-whammy. A large percentage of their constituents oppose abortion for religious reasons (which I fully understand) but even worse, Republicans cannot stand up to both the Democrats and the media, so they cave whenever the heat it turned up. Republicans basically have backbones made of overcooked linguine. Call them racist or mean-spirited and they cave every time because they consistently fail to get their message out.

Since we can't stop poor people from breeding I'm in favor of giving everyone a vote, but then giving additional votes for every $10k paid in taxes. It's the only way that we can stop the saps, suckers, scammers and Socialists from bankrupting America.


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