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EOG testing?

We took our "finals" and if you didn't pass them, you didn't move into the next grade. In high school we not only had finals, but we had New York State Regents examinations, which is how many of us won academic scholarships. Mid-terms and finals. No different from EOG except we didn't need a multi-million dollar state agency to oversee them. The teachers made the test, graded the test, some students soared and others crashed and burned.

It is a well established fact that today's students are NOT being taught history in depth or anything to do with economics any longer. Reading the documentation that Neal Boortz often refers to, that facilitates the long-term goal of having workers who are able to work and pay taxes, but too ignorant to question governmental policy.

As for computers, where did I learn how to use them, quite well I might add? I use them every day in extremely technical applications from financial analysis to engineering controls and applications. It's my observation that when they learn computers in high school, they're dead in the water when the battery in the laptop goes dead. They can't manually compute a tangent or even count change.

I'm sure that teachers' assistants work hard, but are they giving us a good return on the investment we're making? You folks are shovelling sand against the tide if you believe that "no child can be left behind." From the womb, some are destined to be rocket scientists, some will sweep gutters. All the phony-baloney, feel-good rhetoric and taxpayer money in the world can't change that, and I don't care if that's coming from Democrats coddling the underclass or Republicans dreaming up another unconstitutional nightmare like NCLB.

Bottom line? We can't solve all the world's problems, but we can sure go broke trying.


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