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NO Laughing Matter!

First of all, I would like to commend the "worker" who immediately disclosed this extreme and blatant abuse of our frail and vulnerable elderly adult.

The COURT needs to throw the BOOK at her, and she need never to work with Human Beings for as long as she she is dispicable.
No jokes here, this is terrible ABUSE!

Secondly, I give another commendation to the Administrator for the immediate firing and subsequent notification of police for this crime. Good JOB and I can only imagine how terrible you must feel for this to have occured at your facility under your watch.

I question if all staff at your facility have passed background checks and if the nursing registry was checked on this "scum of the earth, lowlife abuser" of old people. I doubt that this is her first offense and if checked prior to her employment, she may have been exposed before she abused this gentleman.

However, I Do question why staff would exchange money with residents under their care for this very reason, as $$$$$ could be used as an "exchange" for any number of sexual favors because the older adult may be aware that they have little to give the staffer to "pay back a debt that they owe". Remember, elders are used to paying their debts, they are NOT a part of the entitlement generation.

If nothing else, it is a boundry issue with a clear violation. It should be red flagged and cease immediately!

Family and friend "networks" may provide things for the residents, as well as Charity organizations and churches.

Staff relationships should NOT be PERSONAL relationships with individuals at your personal care facility, nursing home, mental health center, substance dependency units, hospitals, or anywhere that an individual is paying for PROFESSIONAL caregiving, advocacy or skilled nursing.

Keep it Professional folks! Do Not give money to the residents! It is a no-no, albeit semi-innocent or staffer meaning well... but stop it!

You did well to weed out the VERY BAD APPLE and yet Fraud, Abuse and Mistreatment happens to older adults more than the public realizes.

The administrator and GOOD STAFF at this site should be proud of putting an IMMEDIATE STOP to this abuse and flagging this dirtball as the Sexual Preditor that she is and probably always was. SLIME!!!


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