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Since you are the most reasonable post, I decided that you may benefit from some shared knowledge, but the others are just trying to be funny. They do not seem to realize that this N.A.'s behavior is absolutely unacceptable and is considered a crime.

The man is the victim! Every County has dedicated and professional geriatric teams to prevent Elder abuse and fraud, which seems to be prevalent in long term care facilities.

BTW, these places are not cheap places to live for older adults.

Let's show some civility when making jokes about someone who is defenseless! Spend a half an hour in an Assisted living facility and you will understand that the man was vulnerable.

He most likely lives there because he has a chronic physical disorder coupled with some form of cognitive disorder, such as dementia which renders him unable to live independently without assistance.

This piece of trash took advantage of a defenseless person.

It is the fiduciary bond of trust that has been violated by this SO CALLED CERTIFIED Nursing Assistant, which makes her distinction about as GOOD as the paper it is written on.


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