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First of all

Two people in this Blog series have mentioned this "VICTIMS" age. This is another flagrant breech of this individuals patient rights.

Under HIPPA, we have no right to know his age because he can EASILY be identified now, by other staff, visitors, other patients, etc., which is another serious violation. When a violation occurs, there is no need to broadcast WHO it was, their age, but rather to exchange information with "professionals", (and even...the media) on "a need to know basis".

It should not be reported why the individual is living in the assisted care site, regardless of his age. No more information about this victim should be disclosed. He is the victim of a physical violation/abuse.

This EMPLOYEE has put her EMPLOYER into jeopardy of losing their credibility at the least and their state licence at best to provide care for the people who need it the most, and sadly, the INTEGRITY of their entire personnel may be called into question by the mere POWER OF ASSOCIATION. What a shame!

BTW,"350", Physical "THINGS" tend to work pretty well for many older adults and people do not stop having sex, nor should they.

However, an employee who goes to work and crosses the line of professionalism, breeching the trust that should correlate with her CERTIFICATION as a NURSING ASSISTANT:to provide patient care only is an employee that should be barred from ever working in any form of human services again.

My concern after reading a few responses is that society has made us so tough, so hardened in our hearts that we can no longer see, or do not care about being taken advantage of by a person we should be able to trust.
It is quite disturbing that some show a blatant disregard of the Human Factor of fraility, vulnerability, or manifistations of mental illness and never realize that it may happen to their loved ones someday if we brush it off as a joke or as this blog wrote, "I don't see a lot to get upset about..."


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