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DUI Checkpoints

I have been hearing this and seeing this for far too long. Having worked all my life in some form of law enforcement, I can tell you first hand that these checkpoints are totality and absolutely illegal. People often make the comment as most cops do that, "if your doing nothing wrong, what do you have to hide"? What this statement really says is that your fine with the government telling you what to do and how to do it, that your perfectly fine having no rights and agree with total government control! While your so eager to give up your rights your trying to push others to willfully give up theirs! Our American constitution is the upstream law of this land and these cops and our military swore an oath to defend it with there very life if need be! There was a time when you did not have to have a drivers license and your right to travel was as big a part of your freedoms as breathing. Systematically our local, state and federal governments change our rights into privileges as they then force us into compliance with fear of losing those "privileges" they claim to control. The united states us to be a proud and free country where people had a right to come and go as they please. Because of people like you that feel that the government can do as they like and make you do as they want, they no longer work for us and represent themselves, Now there are so many laws to the point freedom is nonexistent. Look at the NDAA, a law that the can pick you up put you away forever and never give you a reason.
the fourth Amendment of the constitution States that you cannot stop and searched without probable cause, yet people like you are fine with cops setting up checkpoints stopping everyone, trampling on everyone's rights just to find a few that they deem not to be in compliance with some law they made up.
I can talk about Tyrannical out of control government and injustice all day and provide prof and documentation to my claims but that would articulate this entry into a book that most people would not take the time to read. I am just going to say this...
Give up your rights if you want too! Be a sheople like so many others and let the government control you, strip you, cavity search you and your children if you wish, after all you have nothing to hind so what would be wrong with a cop or TSA putting a finger up your 11 year old son or daughter's anus.
Try learning the Constitution and start being an American!!!


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