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I really feel for Ms. Hill.

I really feel for Ms. Hill. That is her child in service protecting the freedom and rights of the US citizens. US citizens that is inclusive of the members of that HOA board. But apparently they are unappreciative. They aren't to be ashamed of themselves. But, as typical HOA board members, I know they are not. They don't care. They are power hungry, insensitive snobs who care nothing about anybody but themselves. This reminds me of the Magnolia Greens HOA that forced a property owner to remove the American flag that they were flying in their backyard. How un-American! All HOAs need to be disbanded. I proudly live in a neighborhood that does not have an HOA and it is a beautiful place. It has not run amuck as most HOA claim they prevent. Shame on the people tormenting Ms. Hill. Hopefully at the next HOA election, Ms. Hill and the other neighbors will vote your sorry butts out of office. Ms. Hill, please thank your son for us "sane" people who respect what your son does for us and our country. GOD BLESS YOU!


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