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Control Freaks

I am currently living in an HOA-CONTROLLED community and will NEVER buy another house with an HOA. The Board of Directors is a group of busybody, nit-picking, micromanaging, power-hungry control freaks who walk around with notebooks and cameras looking for anyone in violation of the blessed covenants which are intended to make the development a better place to live, but which, in reality, turn it into a police state. These enforcers are people basically shriveled with fear. "What if somebody puts up a 10-foot cross in their yard?" "What if somebody puts up striped awnings?" "What if someone puts a statue of the Virgin Mary in their yard?" "What if someone puts up a tent?" These are people with too much time on their hands who would do better by volunteering someplace. I'm considering getting a cheesy nylon flag (allowed in our HOA) that has cute little butterflies and dragonflies and says, "M.Y.O.F.B."

Is this still the United States or what?


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