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HOA Rules

I do live in this neighborhood and am disgusted (along with many of my neighbors) about this issue. As for the "you signed, deal with it" people you ought to be ashamed. My husband along with Ms. Hill's son are both fighting for the freedoms that protect you with the right to say those things and give the HOA the right to be such pricklers. I will be bringing a petition around that will allow banners, flags and the such to be displayed on special occasions. These people should understand what it means to have pride in the what you do and your military service even if they've never served. It is an outrage that they would even make an issue out of it in the first place. I am so proud of the actions of the local VFW and the American Legion getting involved to stand behind Ms. Hill. Maybe the people in the HOA should look at other issues in our neighborhood to attack instead of an innocent mother who is proud of her son and willing to stand behind him. I would more than happily pay the fines for her and will proudly pay any fines imposed on me when I hang my WELCOME HOME DADDY banner at my house in July!


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