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First off, American flags should be displayed at all times regardless of what rules state. I am Kelly Hills son in law and I believe that anyone who believes that American flags should only be displayed on holidays should be deported to Mexico or another country, or better yet sent to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. Let those idiots get shot because we dont need those types of people acting like they are patriotic on 3 holidays a year. As long as there is a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman deployed those flags need to fly. Obviously you have never had a loved one that has died for this country and your opinion doesnt mean anything. As for the ragged flags or "Tacky stuff" on their doors, I appreciate them for their support, you on the other hand should give back your US passport and move somewhere your opinion really matters because it doesnt here. Also if you wish to debate this a little more, you are welcome to email me at


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