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This is so sad

As I am sitting here reading all of these posts, I cant help feel how sad these people truly are to complain, deny someone from supporting our troops. To the person that complained ask yourself this.. how would you feel if a terrorist killed your own family? How would you feel if a bomb went off while you were in a public place? I would think you would feel different about these men and women who place their own life in danger for YOU EVERYDAY... protecting that bomb or killing from happening... Firemans, Law Officers, Military put their own life to save YOU... and you have enough nerve and hatred in your heart to not support this cause. I am a PROUD mother of an Army Soldier and another son who is on his way in joining the Marines... and whats sad is they dont discreminate putting their own life on the line for people like you.. They chose to serve and protect everyone, even someone as hateful as you.... I wonder if it was your life in danger and military and police saved you, would you have a different opinion.. guess what.. it is YOU, they are protecting YOU everyday.... How can you call yourself an American and live in America and not support the military or lawmen and women? It is because of them we sleep safe everynight... THANK YOU too all the military and law officers of this great country. Shame on you HOA's board members for allowing this to happen to this family... I do live in a HOA community and I actually have two flags posted at my home and proud of it...


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