make WWAY your homepage  Become a fan on facebook  Follow us on twitter  Receive RSS Newsfeeds  MEMBERS: Register | Login totally totally honest now, before you moved into your snoot nosed "community", did you read every by-law and restriction they had in their 200+ page book? Did I? Heck no! I skimmed over very closely, but word for Did I miss a little? Sure! Does my POA change the rules anytime they darn well please? OH HECK YES!!! Do they always send out copies of the admenments to all owners? That's a BIG NO. If they see something that doesn't sit well with any of them, or suit them, they change the rules in mid-game and keep it their dirty little secret. This happens often, in our community, to the residents who don't join the "Club", those of us who get our tans doing physical labor instead of the golf course, or socialize by playing Mahjong at the center. Do you feel the displaying of this banner, which is in support of the military WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE A SNOOT IF YOU CHOOSE, is trashing your fine community? What are your personal feelings about the banner? Not-with-standing the POA regulations? Does it bother you to see it? Maybe you should move back up north, or better yet, to one of the countries where OUR fine troops are putting their lives on the line?


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