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WOW. You really are confused

WOW. You really are confused about what Memorial Day is! The people here were honoring the military men and women who served our country to protect your right to write such an ignorant post, not honoring the battleship itself. If it were not for this battleship however, you may not have electricity to run the computer you're using, the ability to read English, or the right to freely express your ideas. An electric chair was used to kill criminals, which a jury of their peers carefully decided to find them guilty of their crimes; another right you may not have without our military. An electric chair was never used by our military to protect our country, so we don't put those on display. Also, we did more than honor our veterans; we honored the men and women currently serving. If you're so concerned about dismantling the battleship and using the "proceeds" to pay our veterans, how much have you donated to veteran organizations? You think that scrap metal and money means more to our veterans than the thousands of tickets sold to visitors to the ship each year? You think the handful of men who served on the USS North Carolina who are still living today would rather skip the reunion they all had on the ship last month, to count the cash they received from the proceeds of destroying their ship? You should really think a little more before you speak! But because of our military, you have the right to express yourself...even if you have no idea what you're talking about.


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