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Yeah - what a great

Yeah - what a great representative. Every time he comes to town, the first thing he does is make the rounds to every feel good organization out there, and give out huge checks of taxpayer money; and get his picture taken next to it, with his huge signature on that check, like it was actually his money - and not the taxpayers of this country. And then good ol Mike waxes moral superiority by voting against the debt ceiling raise, as if he had nothing to do with getting us in the fiscal mess we're in, with all of his "philanthropy" with my money.

The reason you're such a great representative Mike, is because the people here are so intellectually and emotionally shallow, that they actually give you credit as some kind of saint because you're good at stealing money out of hard working people's pockets, and giving it away to the organizations you think will win you the most votes. Works every time. Another election year, another round of good ol Mike with his bag of goodies; and of course, another election victory.


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