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Uh... no. This is the first

Uh... no. This is the first time I have responded here to a McIntyre article. I am stating the obvious. You can't parade around for years with huge cardboard checks payable with taxpayer money, for every single cause you think will buy you the most votes, sign your name proudly on the signature line, pose for photo ops, and then claim that you are some kind of conservative budget hawk in Washington, and take the high road like you had nothing to do with the mess we're in. It is because of McIntyre and the thousands before him and right beside him, that we are in this predicament.

Even Pelosi and much of the staunch hard left voted against raising the debt ceiling - because it suddenly became unfashionable to do so in the 11th hour. For the last few weeks we have heard from the left that if we don't raise the debt ceiling, we are feeding our future generations into the pit of hell; and then the template changed at the last minute. McIntyre did what he always does - put his finger in the wind (if it's not too sore from signing all those checks) and get on the populist bandwagon. Believe me, if he was faced with being the only Democrat to vote against it, do you honestly think he would? Hell no.

You people support him because of your shallow love affair and cheap emotional response with regard to lip service and pretty faces. The same reason we have Bill Saffo as our mayor. You don't care if you get screwed 9 ways to Sunday by these political hacks - as long as they smile real big, pose for the camera, and shake your hand as they lie their asses off to your face.

Our country would be economically and financially stable at this very moment if we had representatives who believed in Constitutional government; who never had taken exorbitant taxes from our pockets to begin with to pay for anything and everything under the sun. If we had never given away our money to subsidize the entire world's lot in life; and if we never decided to use the power of government to artificially pick winners and losers in the free market. That's the country I want back. The one where the road to prosperity is left unabated by an overreaching and arrogant, bloated government full of self-serving politicians like McIntyre who vote themselves the best out of the public treasury, and work overtime to secure that dolts like you will be the first in line to re-elect him with his cheap trinkets and handouts. Fools - all.


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