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You're missing the point...

...HOA's are formed on the basis of a set of legal documents. They are usually very well defined and very clear regarding all rules and regulations as a legal document should. The HOA administration can be made up of neighborhood residents or the administration can be a third party, completely oblivious to anything other than what is on those documents. There is nothing descriminitory or illegal about these documents or the administrations. The administration is simply enforcing the codes of the document, usually to the letter. They have the power to invoke fines and even follow through with foreclosure proceedings against those that refuse to comply with the documents. Again, these documents are well prepared, legally filed and are public record.

Anyone that buys OR rents in an HOA controlled neighborhood, is by law, required to have these documents in their entirety, fully disclosed prior to signing the sale or rental contract. SHOULD ANYONE DECIDE TO MAKE THIS MOVE, READ THESE DOCUMENTS VERY CAREFULLY, WORD FOR WORD, SENTENCE BY SENTENCE!!! I would recommend hiring an attorney for full understanding of the potential consequences. It is ALL there in black and white and 100% enforceable. Do not even consider the thought, "Oh...they won't enforce THAT silly rule!" That's the first one that will bitch-slap you!

THINK VERY, VERY HARD before entering into any HOA agreement!!! I personally think someone would be on the lower IQ levels to even consider it. Look somewhere else, the Stepford neighborhoods are CHOCK FULL of perfectly miserable, nothing else to do than scruitinze YOUR abode and make a report on you, all the while giggling and chatting behind your back. It is a real shame that HOA's are allowed this much power, but you have to keep in mind: This is completely legal. You WERE told up front. You had full opportunity to review the docs in entirety and make a decision. You made your decision. It IS NOT going to change. YOU will NOT win. You will comply or you will be fined or forced to move and maybe even lose your home!


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