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It is ABSURD that HOA's have more legal rights than our elected officials. To Our government officials and ELECTED reps.. It is BEYOND time you step in and limit the amount of control and punishments HOA's have.
There is NO WAY in God's grean earth that an HOA should have MORE authority and MORE ability to levy fines and punishment than Our city and county zoning and ordinance dept.
I had a friend in Johnson Farms that was fines because their mailbox (even thought the paint was FROM the Homeowner association) was a tad.. and I mean a tad shade different than the original color and the individual had to pay $500...
You know what.. That is BEYOND STUPID... It is plain idiotic....
It is time for our law makers to limit the control these sharks have!
I own a house in an subdivision built in the 70's in the county without an HOA with 4oo homes... Guess what..... No HOA, and no one does anything that "bothers" and of the rest of us where we could constitute forcing someone to pay $500 or loose their home... And my American flag PROUDLY flys ott my outer most wall... I DARE somoone to tell me to take down my stars and stripes... They'lll have to pry it from my cold dead hands first..


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