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Homeowner's Associations

Agreed.......HOAs are nothing but crap! A way to put $ in the pockets of a few so they can pay for the "shared expenses" and especially the projects they really want done. These people need to go back to the days of everyone taking care of their own property. It worked better that way, and everyone took turns cutting the grass in common areas. Never any problems.....until the anal control freaks started taking over. Do away with HOAs and let property OWNERS take care of their own property they paid for. They should not have to pay HOAs for all of this nonsense! Had to be the lawyers that came up with HOAs at first....think of all the $ they are making interperting, advising, suing, enforcing, etc. I wish all of the control freak leads of the HOAs would get a life and job and MYOB! Maybe if people refuse to buy in areas with HOAs they'll get over themselves. Ditto for historical neighborhoods with their own rules. If they make want to control all of the homes, they should have to buy them and pay the mortgage too.


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