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HOAs were created in order

HOAs were created in order to maintain control over the property value in these "developments". People are mroe concerned about property value than anything else. These "homeowners" complain when their "property value" goes down becuase of something they dear the neighbor will do, but then complain when their "tax value" goes up because their "property value" went up.

Thats one of the main reasons for parts of our economic problems, is the real estate market. Why in the heck would anyone buy an expensive "house" house in one of these "neighborhoods" where everything has to be the same, and you have no control over your property.

I may not live in a McMansion, but what little bit I have is PAID FOR, and IS MINE, and NO HOA with their power tripping neo-nazis wiritng me tickets for dead spots in my grass.

There is a simple solutiion. Get out of the neighborhood that has the HOA and build somewhere else. If all of these neighborhoods lose all of the residents, there will be no more HOAs. One thing you do have to watch out for though, is restrictive covenants on your deed. Those are worse than HOAs...


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