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H.O.A Strikes Again

Amazing, or should I say so un American it makes most of us want to vomitt up the poor excuse these Anti Americans of the HOA have. Lets see have one of you who support removing an American Flag off one's door, ever stepped foot on combat ground? have you yourself ever put yourself on the line for another? have you are a family member, ever took your God Given right for Freedom, to the Test, well you sure think you can voice your Amedment right, of speech dont you?? but when pushes comes to shove, your ingorance, and your cowardence, is worn, like a Mask, for you are no American, if Just the presence of our Flag ould so much offend you, and that is what it does, it offends you as it reminds you that You are not with our Troops, they are fighting a War far away, and there loved one are fighting a Larger one right here at Home. God Have Mercy On You!!! Semper Fidelis, To Bad The HOA isinit!!!


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