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By saying, "transplants" we ALL understand that you meant it as an off-handed remark that was MEANT to be nasty, instead of saying "northerners" ... you put your tongue in cheek and snidely said..."TRANSPLANTS".

BUT...Let me be the first to say "SORRY THAT YOU FEEL THIS WAY!"

Dammmm Yankees, Huh???!!!

U 4-got 2 say to leave!


As MUCH AS YOU WISH US AWAY, we jUST keep on coming. Learn to live with us and realize that it is NOT a NORTH/SOUTH thing, but an OBNOXIOUS personality thing.... and there are always "those" goofs!

All the HOA BOARD MEMBERS IN OUR CURRENT NEIGHBORHOOD ARE SOUTHERNERS who grew up here, went up north, made their money, came back
"down" here and are living large from NORTHERN companies!

Sorry to disappoint you, but the southerners that we know OWN half of the delapidated and semi good rentals in Wilmington, and GUESS where the RENTALS are LOCATED?
In our neighborhoods with HOAS. SO, TRANSPLANTS=SOUTHERERS...

No matter what, WE LIKE EVERYONE of THEM... and WE ARE "TRANSPLANTS" as you ignorantly put it! WE have a RIGHT TO BE ANYWHERE WE WANT TO BE IN THE WORLD...except North Korea.

The Southerners who run our HOA are not the gustapo and everyone agrees that we do not want the Gustapo type of HOA, but one that will be able to notify a contractor or fix something that may break at the pool or Clubhouse.

But, good to know how you really feel. I think I know you, don't you belong to our Church and greet me with open arms every Sunday????

Think about it and God help you if you ever need a tried and true northerner who would give you the shirt off of his or her back. We can sniff out the people who are 'ghastly'.


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