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I think whoever snitched on the neighbor on Memorial Day is shold have displayed more openess to the fact that our rights are being protected by men and women fighting overseas. Afterall, it's Memorial Day, to honor those. What would it have hurt had she been able to fly this flag on that day. Now, if it would have been up much behond that, then I say, there is an issue.I wouldn't blame the HOA. There are set rules and they have to enforce them if someone does not abide by them. Anyone who buys and rents in these type of subdivdision should know thisto prevent these kind of occurences happen.There are much bigger battles to fight than this writing your government representatives to bring our troops home so that we can devote our hard earned income, little of it as there is now, to turn this economy around.If a hurricane hits us this season, yo will be looking for the HOA to make repairs to our community, and yes, it will be done per the legally filed rules and regultions and out of the account that the board diligently set up to handle disasters. More openmindness wouldn't hurt....on everyone's part.


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