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NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- According to AAA two of 20 most dangerous bridges in North Carolina are right here in New Hanover County. The bridge on Oleander that goes over Bradley Creek is one of them. But the problem with this bridge is more functional than structural. Engineers say the bridge is too narrow, but say other than that, it's in pretty good shape, and no work is planned to improve the bridge. The bridge on Castle Hayne Road is another story. It only scored a two out of 100 on the DOT's scale and is both functionally and structurally obsolete. Allen Pope with the N.C. Department of Transportation said, "If a bridge is considered to be unsafe for traveling public we'll do one of two things: we'll either reduce the weight limits that can go across that bridge or we will close the bridge completely." The Castle Hayne bridge was built back in 1934 and is slated to be replaced next year. The DOT inspects bridges across the state every two years.

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