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To One and Done

Jon David is NOT campaigning. I am so glad you can already tell that he cannot be reelected. Apparently you don't read the posts in FAVOR of David. In fact, if you think David is more divisive than Gore, you obviously are one of his gang or one of the lawyers.

Another stupid commentor asked why David didn't let this alone. How ignorant is that? Why should Jolly and Lewis comment? It's not either one of them whose character has been called into question. Even you would feel the need to defend your decision and your motives were you in David's situation - don't bother to say you wouldn't.

This is not about anything other than Democrats wanting back in power so all can go along as usual. We all know it, so don't tell me how wonderful Gore was. For some reason, he is out of office now. I know, he threw the election so someone else could take over. Yeah, and this is about Jon David's incompetence. You forgot to make a crack about him being from out of state. Do you all have an outline to use when you are attacking him?

Let me venture this: you have a daughter, for example, who was raped and killed. You and your family go into court with Jon David or any of the asst. da's HE brought in. You know the judge and the defense lawyer have sided against David in this mess. You really think your dead daughter is going to have a chance at justice in this district?

That is what is at stake here: the working of the law in this district. How can it be done fairly when the battle lines have been drawn? The party that is out is willing to do anything to get back in power. If Jolly and Lewis are so against David's traffic court plan, why haven't they released information on their plan? Oh yes, that would be business as usual with the judges and the lawyers making their deals. I forgot. It's alright to do that as long as they are the ones doing it. How dare anyone of you people involved in it call David dishonest! Shame on Ola for standing up and swearing Jon David (as his friend) into office. With friends like that ...


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