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Old Yap

You 13th District Democrats kill me! Can't bring up David without slamming him for not being born and bred rat 'chere in good ole Brunswick or Columbus or Bladen County. If he can do the job and do it fairly, I don't care WHERE he comes from. You say we got along without him translate into you being one of those who gets paid for justice the way it works now and you can certainly get along without the Davids means you want paybacks and payoffs to continue. Nobody is fooled.

Let me take you on a memory trip down what you claim you want restored. How about the man who committed suicide but had an extra bullet hole in his hand? How about the police officer murdered on Bald Head Island but her death was covered up by those in power? What about the twin who killed the man (in front of many witnesses) who had just killed the twin sitting in the truck with him? He went to jail for 10 years, even though he lost a finger in the fight to keep from getting killed himself. (Of course, being as how he was related to a certain former Senator near TC, that was ok.) And how about the two boys carrying skateboards walking down the road when they were hit from behind by a drunk driver. The driver leaves the scene (there wasn't anything he could do, he said). He wasn't found until hours later when he was sober. On the way to going to court, the NC Highway Patrol officer 'lost' his initial report. By the time it was rewritten, the driver was no longer drunk, the boys jumped out in front of his truck. Case closed. Of course, the drunk-not drunk driver was a member of a family who has been here longer than God. And lastly, the case where the father was killed by the ex-boyfriend of his daughter. There was not enough light in that whole town to really investigate the crime scene, so nothing ever came of that case either. While you are complaining about a traffic court option, you have the leader of the Democratic Party here repeatedly leasing the headquarters for unchapheroned teeage/twenty something parties. Yet no one says anything. Had that been Jon David, I have no idea how many seizures there would have been.

That's the kind of status quo you want back? I wouldn't admit it, if I were you. I hope the citizens of this district fight back, whether it is for Jon David or Mickey Mouse. Anything would be better than back in hands of officials who take part in the above kind of instances. Why don't YOU move to Florida and leave the Davids here? And please, take all them self-righteous, hypocritical Democratic 'leaders' with you? Have a good long stay, ya'll. Go see some alligators down there. Up close.


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