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I was simply giving you a

I was simply giving you a hard time for trolling and inserting politics into a story about turtles. You were trying to get a reaction,so I gave you one.

I actually quite dislike some of the people I've encountered who are on public assistance. A majority of them are hardworking individuals, who are what social workers call the "working poor." I don't have a problem with them.

But, there are certainly a LOT of leeches out there, and those are the ones that get me riled up. When I worked as a probation officer, I'd visit some of my "clients" who lived in places like Creekwood. It always amazed me that they were getting subsidized housing, food stamps, etc., but they had huge stereo systems, wide-screen TVs, and sometimes, really expensive car accessories like custom wheels, paint jobs, and sound systems. In other words, stuff I couldn't have afforded if I wanted it. They couln't afford to rent their own apartment or feed their kids, but they sure had a lot of disposable income for luxuries...


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