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First of all, don't levy

First of all, don't levy attacks on someone if you yourself CAN'T EVEN SPELL.

Second, I didn't ask for your opinion on whether I'm "qualified" to write a blog called The Wilmington Watcher. I know you enlightened progressives that are so much smarter than the rest of us think that opinions stop and start with your illustrious blessing, but my Constitution says otherwise.

Third, I know who you are, and I know why you lose sleep at night trying to figure out new and creative ways to disparage Brian Berger, although you really suck at it.

Fourth, the rational criticism of Berger equals that of any of the other commissioners. The rest is hype, bandwagon groupthink collectivist bashing, and flat out lies. Has Brian been late to some meetings? Sure. So has every other commissioner. Has Brian missed 2 CFPUA meetings? Sure. So has Rick Catlin - even though WWAY reported dishonestly that he had perfect attendance. One of Catlin's missed meetings was at the same time as one of Berger's - because they were BOTH IN RALEIGH TOGETHER. One of the last meetings, Catlin didn't show up, didn't call, didn't write, no one knew where he was - did the media have an orgy over it? No. Did anyone say anything? No.

I have criticized Berger for the few truly deserved issues that he has fumbled - so don't call me a blind supporter. His first meeting when he voted for another damn park; and for Barfield to be Chairman I still give him hell about. But the populist bashing just because simple-minded morons are trying to curry favor with other simple-minded morons is pathetic.


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