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Berger Best for Taxpayers...Most Responsible when its our money

Berger buys cheap meals, doesn't waste our tax dollars on golf equipment like mr. barfield, or to payback his campaign manager and pals like thompson. Ask jason and barfield about the stadium they're trying to build. The media wont. WWAY wont because they own land right there...its easy to see this smear campaign against berger is irrelevant in terms of his personal life. Has he been charged with a crime? ethical violation? Nope. Bar-Thompson dont know the meaning of ethics. WWay has an agenda and along with the other commissioners, they see Berger as a threat...brian might actually tell us whats going on behind those closed doors. things we're not supposed to know. We're just expected to we did for barfields trip to florida and golf outings and new driver.

And if i'm not mistaken, jason makes money off contracts with the same governments he's been a career politician with. Talk about corruption. Contempt for taxpayers and transparency. These two crooks run circles around berger with their public relations and media allies like wway. Berger has been a positive influence just by being there, and the other commissioners, those on the real public dole (public employees, groups that rely on taxes, civic projects like catlin who's knee deep in the convention center and planned stadium). So Berger has hit hardtimes. there's no crime in that. Look at the others and you'll find berger is the most ethical by far. a victim of a witchhunt. C'mon..thompson crashes a plane with a woman he's having an affair with and louise mccoll steps in and you guys dont report it...barfield drives to washington like berger, but berger comes back with less miles despite your allegations he was going to the beach and abusing the county vehicle. honor among thieves with wway, thompson and co. except there's no honor in that crowd. Berger is a fighter, in over his head maybe, but who wouldnt be. get off hios back and find some real news for a change.


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