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Brian Berger

Your personal life should not be a factor? In Your personal life if you are a dope dealer that is not a factor in your ability to serve the public? If You are an Alcoholic, should not be a factor? If You are six Bricks shy of a load that should not be a factor. I am not saying Mr. Berger is any of these but he really does lean towards the third one I mentioned. Anyone Who can't see that is delusional, or are using this man as not only a mouthpiece for their own agenda but a whipping boy to take the heat from the other members of the board, the media and last but not least, the residents of New Hanover County. The question of Mr. Berger drawing unemployment is of no concern to me. Why he is drawing unemployment is of concern to me. No one has caused more conflict on a governing board Here since Katherine Moore. I am concerned about his nondisclosure of previous employment. I am sure there is more that goes on behind the scenes with the board. I just know what I see and hear in the Way Mr Berger handles himself and something ain't right. Time for him to come clean now than later as this mess piles higher and higher. Transparency Mr Berger. That is what You promised. By the Way. If Mayor Futch called me a liar I would challenge Him also. He brings a lot upon himself in that department.


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