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you killed a pedestrian ?

That is indeed sad. I do think about it, to the point that I am thinking about it now by making these posts - my warning motorists to BE MORE CAREFUL... and for this you attack me as "judging other"? What am I judging other of being, NOT BEING CAREFUL when they're driving around? Is that not obvious from the statistics for this area, which are abysmal for a place this size?

The cops absolve you of guilt because there aren't any sidewalks or crosswalks in this town. Cops say, "Pedestrians shouldn't be in the road." because the city has done nothing to protect their safety. It's a liability issue, not a "lack of moral culpability" issue. People speed way above the posted speed limit all the time with no repercussions from the law, then they cry "unfair!" "judge not lest ye be judged!" when something happens... Sure it was an accident, but it was THEY WAY YOU DRIVE that caused the accident.


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