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There you go once again,

There you go once again, making your little assumption without knowing facts! I suggest you go find yourself a JOB seeing as how you have nothing else better to do with your time. The fact that people are drunks, drug addicts, mentally impaired, or choose to be pedestrians who walk or "stumble" or "stagger" in open lanes of traffic at all hours of the night in dark clothing has nothing to do with anyone's driving ability! Obviously you haven't spent much time behind the wheel of any vehicle in this city or you would know that! No matter how careful any of us are, ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN! NOONE on this earth is exempt from the chance of being involved in a traffic accident of any magnitude in their lifetime. It is obvious to me that your ignorance and arrogance is not even worth the time of arguing. I can only hope that the same ignorance will keep you out of harms way and accept responsibility for your "walking ability" just as I accept responsibility for my "driving ability". Have a nice life.


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