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Guest of the hour....

you obviously have no clue about responsible breeding...guess your parents didn't either and that's why you are here. But here's an example:

Anyone who buys one of our dogs has to sign a contract that stipulates IF the dog can ever be bred and what criteria has to be met BEFORE it is bred.

Such as:

1) If a puppy is bought as a pet it MUST be fixed before it is 8 months old.

2)If the puppy is bought as a pleasure hound (meaning not a show/competition dog...I figured your incompetent mind needed an explanation)then it MUST ALSO be fixed before it is 8 months old.

3)If the puppy is sold as a show/competition dog then it CANNOT be bred until it has been titled (meaning it's proven as a show/competition dog and has multiple wins)

4)If the dog is eligible for breeding then, depending on the age, it can be bred, but no more than 4 times.

5)It cannot be bred back to it's father (which I'm guessing was your case), mother, brother, sister, cousin (within a certain number of generations), grandmother or grandfather.

Notice I said this was the FIRST time this dog has been bred?? No, I guess you didn't. I bet you're one of those people that have something against hunting too.
Get the drift, or did that inbreeding zap your mind???


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