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first off I am totally

first off I am totally against backyard shelters. to me they seem to be knockoffs. in fact i believe that if these backyard shelters would stand back and let the the local animal control do their job. I guarantee there would not be a "Over-population" of dogs. if you want to be a Captain save everything then YOU should have the funds to back yourself. You should not have to rely on anyone to take care of your business for you. That means that I should take a pair of clippers with me the next time I go to my barber. Really? Nope. As far as the "stolen dog food" how can it be stolen if she was getting if for free? Also I know for a fact that if a person comes along with the right kind of cash , that shelter would gladly sale the dog under the table. It's all about the money right? They need shots, they need surgeries, blah,blah. News flash if you have more than you can handle A. euthanize the dogs. B give the dogs to someone who CAN take care of them or C get a real job. I bet you are exempt from certain taxes too or are you? Just curious. Ban backyard shelters people


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