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You're an idiot. The

You're an idiot. The "backyard shelter" where I work in central Texas was started in 1975. Animal control "did their job" back before the shelter was taking strays to the landfill and blowing their brains out. It was the only option because there wasn't an animal shelter. The surrounding counties continue to do it even today because they don't have an animal shelter. The woman who started our "backyard shelter" 35 years ago relied entirely on donations and the goodwill of people around her.

Animal control "handled" the overpopulation with a gun and a trash bag, and guess what? Animals ran around in the street, and just kept breeding. People got ticked because their pets were rounded up and killed without so much as a call to the number on the tag.

It's 2011, and our "backyard shelter" is still 100% reliant on donations from the public to survive. The population of animals in our County has dropped almost 40% in the past thirty-five years. You won't find animals running around in the streets anymore, and people donate all the time because we are were they go for their pets, lost or new. We have a separate donation fund to get low-income families' pets fixed.

I bet she is exempt from certain taxes, too. We are. We are also required by law to give all pets vaccinations, rabies shots, microchips, spay/neuter surgeries, and so much more. We are required to report all of our donations as "income."

This is a real job, but it sure doesn't pay more than minimum wage. That's because unlike a "real job," we're not in it for the money, we're in it for the cause. In fact, the whole reason shelters like us need donations is because it costs us more to house the pet than we get in adoption money. At the end of the year, we are always several thousand dollars short, which we get through a holiday fundraiser.

How can dog food be stolen, if she's getting it for free? Part of the tax-exempt status involves reporting food donations. The donations are part of your "income" for the year. The people who stole the food actually stole money as far as the tax man is concerned.

You sound like an ignoramus. Go learn about the subject before you spout your idiocy to the masses.


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