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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

You said you threw a party when Wellstone's plane crashed; he wasn't the only occupant. You said you wished ALL liberals were on the plane too - just being a liberal doesn't make them guilty of anything under U.S or State laws - go ask a judge. Therefore, they are innocent people (except in your warped mind). You explicitly advocated the death of those with a different political philosophy. Can you think of any others in history who also felt this way? The difference is that they actually had the power to oppress and kill their rivals, and you can only rant online.

Your screen name is a misnomer. Anyone who advocates the wholesale death of people who believe in a different political philosophy has absolutely no common sense at all.

Based on this conversation, it is clear you are a political extremist completely out of touch with reality, and that you have no place in a rational political discussion. You are not worthy of any further debate. I suggest psychiatric help. Good luck, and please don't let your hatred consume you.


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