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Too late?

I should be happy but I am upset. This man has come in and over just one school year, our kids have been successful. Our black kids, white kids, mexican kids, all kids. The school is safe, the test scores are great, and kids are happy. Speaking as a parent, I am happy too. But people who still support a coach who quit want to crucify the princpal. The fact is that a coach who broke rules decided to leave the school. A coach who has just a handful of kids is being chosen over a man who has to work with about 800 kids? My question is simple. Can that coach run a school like this? If he can, why don't he? It seems to me that if we have to make a choice, we SHOULD choose a school that is now on the map for a good thing. All of the Fin haters out there can just watch their coach over at East Bladen, and leave West alone. Who cares if you are mad that he left. The point is, he made that decision. I was in that school today to get my daughter and I was so happy to see that the school was just doing so well. It was clean, the kids were all smiles, and there was just a good feeling. But a bunch of cranky old folks (my apologies but all of that Coach's supporters seem to be) who cant accept that their coach is no longer in power want to keep trying to run our principal out of town. All over a basketball coach? I asked him today if he was going to leave these kids. He just smiled, gave me a hug, and said that what was done was done and we'd just have to wait see what happened. That wasn't a no. And I know why. Bladen County, we will reap what we sow. People who think they know how to run a school are attacking him and his family. Who do you think you are? I hear the stories. Now this news story comes out. It is like they are trying to set us up for the fall. Well Bladen County, we had it good, and if we don't have what it takes to keep him here with our kids, we need to change the higher ups, get new board members, or boycott the businesses that are behind all of this. I am calling for all Moms out there to do whatever it takes to make sure these people who would rather have a coach in there than a principal who knows what he is doing put them back in their place. We know who you are, too. Bladen OnLine, a clothing store owner where MY kids shop at, and a couple of more places who think they own this county. Any of you try to be the principal at that school house? I don't think so. You all better wise up, because we will be heard, and you will know it when we decide to speak out. We should be proud of these kids. We shouldn't be celebrating a coach who broke rules, then quit, then tried to make himself look like he was the victim. We should support the school, not a guy who dont want to be there. If you want to see some angry folks, let us find out that our principal left the school over the mess that you made. If I was him I would go. I don't blame him. People talking trash to his wife over a coach? All that over a coach? I am just glad I am not him, and I hope he stays. But I think it may be too late. Moms get ready.


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