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Comment Re: Todd Finn and West Bladen

Todd and Heather Finn have done wonders for West Bladen. How many times have I seen the two of them as a team out at that school working, planning and executing programs such as the Miss West Bladen pageant. All this "you ran our coach off" junk just indicates again that it is that some old "yahoo" mentality of the good ole boy South that continues to plague this county. I grew up around here and am proud of it. But let's be sensible here. Athletics v. Education. Show of hands, now. How many people made it in life because they played sports? Now, how many people made it because they were well educated? Was sports a pre-requisite for the job you have today -- or was a degree or high school diploma more important? I'll present another scenario. Name the educational professional who most influenced your life? How many people will name a coach v. a teacher? Mr. Finn is a former coach and an educator -- the ultimate package. Mr. Finn has/had a dream of helping to bring this county into the 21st Century. Sadly, this county is not ready for that, or so it seems. We even have ministers taking the time to write long letters to the newspaper supportive of athletic personnel, but when was the last time you read such accolades for an educator? You can say that coaches are also educators, and many of them are, and, athletics serves a role in this world and in this county, as it does. But if you wanted to see Todd Finn the West Bladen parents who support him know, in action, you should have come to some of the West Bladen sporting events. If any of you had taken the time to come to any East/West games you would see that Todd Finn treated each team's players with the ultimate respect each deserved. Let's take the East/West varsity basketball game, for example. It was Todd Finn's idea to present bouquets of flowers and formal recognition to two of EAST Bladen's female players. Mind you, this game was being played on the turf of WEST Bladen, but East Bladen players were recognized? Now there are those of us who would say "how cool is that?" There are the yahoos, though, who would say, "Who does he think he is, honoring East Bladen over West Bladen?" That is because people with deeply entrenched stereotypical thinking just don't get it. Todd Finn's philosophy is to give credit where credit is due-- whether it be his own students or those of the rival school. Todd Finn is a class act, who the unwashed in Bladen county are just not ready to accept. For those of you who covet sports scholarships for your children so they can carry on mama's and daddy's sports dreams (this is called living your life through your child and is quite unhealthy for the child), and who are so resoundingly trying to make Mr. Finn move, consider this. You will not realize what you had until it is gone. Also, you are teaching your child a life skill that will lead to nothing but enemies and controversy: If you don't like what somebody did, then get just the right people to badmouth them and ruin their reputation, and then run them off! I live in this county, support this county, pay taxes in this county, and pray for this county. Your West Bladen student's best chance is right there at that school today, right now, looking after your child's safety and education. That best chance is embodied in Todd Finn. How summarily we tend to take the valuable and exceptional things for granted...


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