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This post will get around to

This post will get around to the news article at hand.

Picture this!!!

Is it just me or do these goats representing an insurance company look more and more human? They keep popping up everywhere. And aren't they so nifftily dressed.

Hence the tie in to this news article. They keep popping up everywhere, even on a certain Bladen County website. And they may be getting their clothing ensembles from a certain "men's clothing store" in Bladen County.

The Democrats have their "donkey". The Republicans have their "elephant". Wonder if the unaffiliated voter will adopt the "goat"? And then the all important question; if I go to the little ditty to honor the "coach", should I got dressed as an elephant, donkey, or goat? Don't know about you, but those goats are looking mighty good and "they seem to have the ability to POP UP anywhere".

Got to go and call the "coach" and see what he is going dressed up as. To be sure it will not be as a "Scapegoat". That is, unless he is taking his cue from Sophia Patrillo on an episode of "The Golden Girls".

Mr. Finn may attend and carry the "coach" a bouquet of flowers to show him there are no hard feelings and that "he respects the opposing team". Think it is about time for a Saint Olaf story from Rose Neiland.

Lighten up Bladen, this episode in our history "will cone to pass" and we can get back to more inportant things like, "who actually won the battle at the Tory Hole Park-the Whigs or the Tories? Or is that actually the plural of Tory?

All this from an old man and you know what they say about "old loving to stare at goats".


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