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You get over it!

Well thanks for calling me Mom. Let me address your post. I am assuming you are talkin about Mr. Finn as the man with the huge ego. But isn't it Cross that made an issue out of being "forced" out of West Bladen? Mr. Finn issued a nice statement, only to be railroaded by the Cross worshipers like you. SInce then nobody has heard a word from Mr. Finn. Didn't talk at the sports awards night, didn't talk at the church service on Sunday at school, and hasn't said nothing to nobody about this in the press, even though we all know he got something to say. So for an Ego Man, he sure has been quiet. Now your old daddy seems to be the one who needs to have folks give him a reception like he was dead or something. He aint dead, so why are they having a memorial service for him? He has the Ego. Now that you brought it up, them charges weren't trumped up. Cross was supposed to meet and talk about them but he is a coward and went over to East before that could happen. Read the other posting area and you will see that. So on those test scores, try 800 kids plus took them tests just last week and mine passed both of hers. You can read the numbers right on their web site. Quit trying to act like that is no big deal. If it wasn't, why can't East do the same? So I did some checking in on it, and both schools had to test "95%" of there kids in every subject or else the law is broken and they get come down on. They dont get to pick. So there is your percentage, right from the board. And finally, if he goes, it will be a sad day in the West but a happy day in the East. But guess what you are still stuck with a crazy old coach who can't win without talent. Sounds like West got them a good one.


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