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Response to Pop-up Goat Comments

That is just like the older population to make fun of this situation. These goat commentators probably are not stakeholders. They probably don't have kids in the county schools. So they can make fun of it. Their advice is to "just get over it." Just getting over it is not going to fix it if Mr. Finn is forced to leave West Bladen and a replacement is brought in. It will mean starting all over again. Thse older guys who can sit around and poke fun and make up goat jokes and tee hee hee are probably rich old goats themselves. This is serious. Just back off and let the younger folks who have a stake in this handle it. Go back to watching your TV. You must watch a lot of it since you know all about the pop-up goats. You are probably some of the good ole bunch who thinks only money talks and who jump up and down and scream and holler and cuss at sporting events. You probably have done your share of damage to the county already.


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