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You young folks can learn a

You young folks can learn a lot from us "old goats"!!! Remember, we are doctors, hopitalists, insurers, and lawyers. Will have to say, that the younger generation are showing a lot of school spirit and faithfulness to their school. They are to be commended for that.

The main point of the Pop up goats is to not take issues so seriously that you fail to back off every once and awhile and have a good old belly laugh. Sorry about that, you young folks don't have bellies. But I we do hope you get the jest of what we are trying to say!!!!!!!

We do enjoy a good ball game and we do love to holler and have a good time. As for cussing, no; our parents taught us that was not right in public or out of the public. Just like they would have whipped the day lights out of us if we had come home with a stud in our lip, or anywhere else on the body that they and God had brought into this world.

Our generation has done more for this county and country than any other generation. If you don't believe it, just ask Tom Brokaw the former NBC new commentator. We do have some allies along the way now such as Mr. Finn at West Bladen High School. Look out, the old goats will be out at Knight field this fall having a good time.

God bless you Mr. Finn and all the young people in our school system. The "old goats" will be out there doing their part when the clean up day comes around and especially when ball season comes around again. We sure hope Mr. Pait the new head basketball coach does not do snow angels on the side of the court at mid court!!!!!!!!


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