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Too bad that they can not

Too bad that they can not work together to improve the county. These guys don't like each other. There is no doubt in my mind that unless one of them leaves, these two schools will never be able to work together to improve.but as far as I know they improving at West already. But let's see what happens in the next two weeks. If July comes, and they both still in their schools, I am gonna personally visit them each and tell them to try and get along. But I ain't holding my breath. Word is that West will be looking for a new leader, as the one they got has had it with the silly nonsense and he is out the door faster than lightning on a hot June night. This ain't New York or Boston or wherever he is from. This is not about education, it is about Bladen politics and he is an outsider to it. As much as he has done, he should've known coming in. Bladen County don't want to be successful if it mean that one school may look bad and the other look good. They'd rather them both be in the middle or worse. That is why I ain't holding my breath. A sad, sad day is coming. We go from that beautiful graduation outside with the flowers and the kids and the way it used to be in our day just pretty. But now that may be all going away, and I believe it is because Bladen County can't deal with the difference between two schools. So they side with the one who is theirs all along at East. It probably is best of we don't pretend it to be like it really isn't. They never wanted Mr. Finn here anyway, and now they may get what they want. Again, a sad day for West, but those folks at the Board and at East will have a parade. I feel sorry for them kids.


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