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Sorry, but that's the way it is...

...and that's why YOU are the CSM. If you can't take the heat, get off the stove!

While I see your point and do understand your plight, you are in the CSM position for a reason, to satisty disgruntled customers the average clerks can't handle. Sometimes these customers are mad as hell, they will yell at you and curse you. You are the professional in that position hired to rectify the situation that others can't, so deal with it the way you were trained or move on and let someone qualified in that will.

If you are a good CSM, you cannot have thin skin and must be trained in techniques to calm irate customers down to gain mutual satisfaction in a dispute. You think you are going to change the itrate customers demeanor with your silly, begging post? Think again...

Go back to CSM 101 training and try again! You can't be half as good as you seem to think you are with a whining post like this!


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