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customer service

I haved been in the customer service business since the 80's. It is awful the way people treat people in the customer service business. Yes we are there at our place of business to serve the public and I totally understand that there are people in our business they should not be, but overall most customer service people will go out of their way to help the customer. It is really ashame how people will degrade a person in the customer service business how they talk to them and make fun of them maybe just because they messed up your order or the store doesnt have or do something they need. People need to take in consideration that maybe that this person is new at the job. No matter what is happening treat people as you would want to be treated. You know you should do a survey about how many times a person has gotten excellent cs and they take the time to report that person and how great of a job they did verses to how fast they will turn a cs person in for a bad job! I think if every person should have to work in the cs business for a week or two and relize how much hard work goes into cs. I love working with my customers i love meeting new people everyday.


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