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Two sides to the coin

To be clear up front, I do not defend poor customer service; there is no excuse for it. It has been my experience that the worst offenders are those who are employed in call centers, most often outside of the United States. I have worked my fair share of time in both call center and retail environments. I just ask that EVERYONE keep in mind that there are two sides to this coin. Bad management, short-staffed, minimum wage, no benefits, odd hours, no down time, no respect, etc. are common complaints of the job; they do not offer a reasonable excuse for bad behavior or poor service. HOWEVER--before you jump to quickly bash people who work the job you should stand in their shoes. If you have NEVER worked a customer service job, then please hold your tongue. You do not understand or respect both sides. Nearly everyone these days has an entitlement mentality. This mindset creates ridiculous, impossible expectations. In my experience, oftentimes the customer receives exactly the service they deserve, or have earned by their own unreasonable demands and atrocious behavior. Customers often expect treatment, or actions that workers have no ability to comply with. It's not personal. Customer Service Workers are people too, and deserve respect, but must earn it to a degree. Two sides to the coin. Be considerate, polite, compassionate, friendly, professional, adult, no matter which side of the counter / phone that you're on. This will help in reaching a desired outcome much easier than juvenile banter / behavior, from anyone.


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